Homeless Man Dies On Facebook Live; Offered $6 To Do Backflip!! (Graphic)

A homeless man broke his neck and died in Las Vegas, MTO News has learned. And it’s all because this down-on-his-luck individual was trying to make a measly $6.

The entire incident was captured on video and streamed on Facebook Live. The video has already been seen by millions. We warn you, it is graphic and very difficult to watch:


It all started when a clout chaser offered homeless man, Larry Coner, 55, $6 to do a backflip. Larry was desperate for money, so he tried the dangerous acrobatic move.

It backfired.

Larry wasn’t nimble enough to complete the flip, and instead landed on his head – and his neck snapped. Medical personnel were called and Larry was transported to the hospital with a serious spinal injury. He died 10 days later, police said.

The clout chaser, Keonte Jones, 28, didn’t try to help Larry, as he struggled to breath. Instead he laughed at him and stuck a camera in the dying man’s face – to record his last moments on earth.

Now that clout chaser is facing time in prison.


MTO News confirmed that Keonte was arrested this week, and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. Keonte has since been released on bail, Las Vegas police confirmed to MTO News.

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